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Betsi Holbrook To:Delta Community Feb 1 at 9:14 PM Here's some insight...I had an amazing used car that DCCU financed. Payments were auto-debited, no problems.

In the past year plus, my payments were perfect, but I had other financial issues happening, my mother went in a nursing home for a year, I had some unexpected, unplanned debt. I had to let debts go, but never my car payment. Then my car got vandalized, out of the blue, no fault of mine. It was totaled.

I thought my great community credit union would at least let me pick up on financing where I was left, when DCCU was paid off with never a hiccup. Nope.

I was a new nobody with no clout from my prior record. Don't kid yourselves that you are any different from a huge bank.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Community Credit Union Debt Collection.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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